Getting in the Spirit: How to Set Up the Office at the Holidays

It’s almost time to deck the halls and get ready for the holiday season, but what exactly is the “right” way to decorate at the office?

You spend a lot of time at work, whether you’re stuck at the office or on work trips staying in House of Fisher apartments, you still want the festive mood to surround you. This is why it makes sense to put up a few things to help you feel festive. However, no one wants to make a social gaffe or put up something that just isn’t appropriate at work.

Different Holidays

One of the issues is that people have very different ideas of how to decorate for the holidays. There will be differences in regards to which holiday should be celebrated at any given time!

For example, just because you celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean that everyone else does; the person sitting in the cubicle beside you may celebrate Hanukkah instead. That is why it is important to decorate with all the potential holidays in mind. Doing so may keep all the employees happy, but it can also make some feel disgruntled. There are those that will always feel they have a right to celebrate their own holiday, just as there are those that don’t want to see any holiday-related decor at all. Companies should come up with a written policy so that everyone knows what to expect.

Having a set of written rules about what can go up at the holidays and what cannot go up is often the safest route. Many of these rules should just make good sense. For example, most workplaces state that there can be no lit candles because they are a fire hazard. Any lights have to be specifically for indoor use.  So that employees can exit in the event of an emergency all walkways should be kept clear. In addition, decorations should not distract employees from doing their job.

These type of rules are usually simple to lay out. There are always situations that occur that become a little hairy, however. For example, what do you do when someone puts up blinking lights and their neighbour is having trouble focusing because of it? What if their décor includes a holiday scent that some in the office find offensive? In these instances, one worker is happy while another is not.

Standards for the Country

IFMA, or the International Facilities Management Association, put out a survey several years ago that addressed holiday decorations throughout the country. The vast majority of respondents (94 percent) said that decorations were allowed, particularly with respect to Christmas. Kwanzaa and Hanukkah were also mentioned. A quarter of the respondents stated that there were issues with respect to the decorations, 85 percent of the issues that were reported had changes made to them. There were respondents that also wrote about holiday contests that encouraged employees to decorate the office. While this made some feel better about the work environment as a whole, it left others feeling disgruntled. Some people like as many decorations as possible. Employees believe that the office should not be decorated at all because they don’t want to mix work and religion.

In general, those that want to decorate their offices or cubicles can do so, but it can’t interfere with their work. This means that they can come in early or stay late if they’d like. In addition, whatever decorations they put up should not impact their co-workers. If they put up something with a religious context, it should not be too large or gaudy. To be more acceptable, some believe religious context should be withheld when it comes to decorations.

When decorating the overall company should be considered. For example, a bank may have a different set of decorations that a non-profit organisation that works on behalf of children. Decorating for the holidays is often enjoyable, but it is important not to forget about work in the process. In addition, safety is crucial, as is the business’s reputation.

Planning an Office Party in 7 Easy Steps

The office party is the time of the year for your employees to let their hair down and reap the benefits of their hard work.  Planning a party can be time-consuming, finding the right venue,  choosing the theme and deciding on food, all take a lot of thought.  Check out this step by step guide from Apples and Pears Bar for more information on planning a party to remember.

1) Find The Right Venue For The Party

An office party is generally either going to happen in the offices themselves or at an offsite venue. Let your budget and your expected numbers of guests guide your selection. For a quick rundown of your offsite options, see below. Specific venues in your area can easily be located via a quick Google search.

Especially grand events call for a setting that will be appropriately memorable, such as a famous public space or a fancy hotel. Smaller parties can be easily accommodated in spaces like village halls or pub function rooms.

2) Set A Date

This needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. The difficulty of fitting an event into multiple people’s schedules grows exponentially as you expand your guest list, and establishing a firm date as far in advance as possible is absolutely key.

In order to maximise participation, pick out a range of dates that work with your venue and then put the final selection to a vote in the office.

3) Send The Invitations

Once you have a date picked and a venue secured, it’s time to make sure everyone knows what’s coming. You can send out a brief notice as soon as these key details are settled, typically in the form of a ‘Save the Date’ email. Follow up with a more extensive invitation once all of your arrangements are made. As a rule of thumb, try to get formal invitations out at least a month in advance.

4) Choose A Theme

If you’re celebrating a specific holiday or joining a larger party, you needn’t worry about giving the occasion a theme. If your team is celebrating on its own, it’s up to you to pick out a theme that will enhance the party’s memorability. Remember that if your gala is big enough to involve a professional event planner, he or she can be a tremendous source of ideas for themes!

The theme comes in handy because it gives you guidance in picking out your decorations and props.

5) Arrange Food Choices

The time to start thinking about catering for a major event is two to three months in advance. If you are planning an exclusive party or a shared one, most of the catering choices may have been made in advance. You’ll simply need to circulate menus in advance and keep track of the attendee’s responses. Things get much more complex when you have sole responsibility for planning the food!

Your top priority is to address any special dietary restrictions your attendees might have. Vegetarians, vegans, food allergies – you need to account for all of them!

Finding a reliable caterer can take a lot of the hassle out of your food arrangements. Let the caterers present you with menu options in order to narrow down your selections. It’s generally a good idea to look for the most diverse food offering you can fit into your budget.

6) Attend To Beverage Service

This is another consideration that might be handled in advance if you’re planning a package affair. When you’re in charge of the arrangements, though, you need to estimate your drinks needs and find a reputable provider!

As a general rule of thumb, each guest is likely to consume two drinks in the initial hour and one drink per hour as the party continues.

When providing table wine with a meal, the general practice is to allow two glasses (i.e. half a bottle) for each diner.

Always remember that alcoholic drinks must be accompanied with soft drinks and water. Some of your guests will have moral, religious, or medical reasons to abstain from drinking. Besides accommodating guests who cannot or choose not to drink, you also need refreshing options for designated drivers.

7) Plan Out The Entertainment

Some venues include entertainment in the services and facilities they have to offer when you plan a party. If this is not the case, it’s up to you to lay on music suitable for dancing. In general, this is sufficient entertainment for an office party, but special events may call for going above and beyond. If you have the time and budget for it, take a look at additional entertainment options you could present to your team!

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Benefits of hiring a birthday party entertainer:

There comes a place in most parentis life wherever they’ve to prepare a birthday celebration that is fascinating due to their children. Several parents discover this being a chance to appreciate the thoughts related to it and also the youngster is youth, while several discover it challenging because they are not necessarily sure just how to prepare it who are named to be as Birthday Entertainers.

You will find a lot of concerns happening within the brain as it pertain to arranging a birthday celebration. The visitor record will include even the whole-class or good friends just. With each one of these concerns in your mind, I am sure planning for a birthday party becomes very demanding work.

The easiest way to arrange a birthday celebration that is perfect for the kid is by planning before period. Here are a few details you have to think about.


The least expensive location you’ll discover is the own home. But when certainly a large amount are of less room for taking an enormous gathering and fixtures within the house you can certainly choose to organize the birthday at chapel or the local neighborhood.

Guest List:

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Party Accessories and Menu:

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I will just think about hiring skilled support as it pertains to birthday artists. A birthday performer that is professional can have various kinds of entertainments to maintain the children involved just like a miraculous show and pleased. They’ll provide various awesome game suggestions that’ll maintain the children and also the celebration vibrant content.


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