Beautiful Holiday Road Trips around England

Train fares are constantly increasing, and the cost of flights is rising too. This means that it’s getting harder and harder for families to afford holidays. Driving can be a good way for a group of people to travel, but it’s not fun to sit in a car for ages, because cars are cramped and can get stuffy.

There are lots of lovely areas to see in England, and many of them are best seen by road, but instead of taking a car why not travel in a minibus? These are a wonderful way to see some of the lesser known parts of the UK. Let’s take a look at some of the best parts of the UK that you can easily drive to over the summer.

You will need to make sure that you have a minibus license, you can check to see if you need one on the HGV Driver Training Centre website before you go off on your trip, but it’s not hard to arrange that, and it’s well worth it for the opportunities that it will unlock.

Quaint Cotswold Villages

The Cotswolds are a popular holiday destination, full of quaint villages, rolling hills and wonderful meadows. They’re fun for the whole family, with quiet pubs for the parents, amazing walking routes, and lots of outdoor activities for the kids. The Cotswold’s are a land stuck in time, with well preserved historic buildings, and they’re just a short drive from the capital too, which means that they’re great for a day trip as well as a longer camping trip.

The Yorkshire Dales

Known as “God’s own country”, the dales are stunning with untouched greenery and quiet, beautiful landscapes. The villages are peaceful and friendly, there are charming farms, spectacular waterfalls and beautiful rivers. If you’re curious about history you’ll love a visit to the Yorkshire Dales, and you’ll have a chance to appreciate some of the skills that our ancestors developed, such as dry stone walling.

The Lake District

This is another very popular destination, with lots of beautiful lakes to explore. The weather can be a little unpredictable in this area, but there’s plenty to see and do and there are campsites dotted all over the Lake District, each with their own flavour and style. It’s a great place for camping, fishing, water sports and other similar activities, and it can be a good destination for a romantic break or for a more family-focused holiday. The place really is what you want to make of it, and it’s affordable too.

Head South to Devon & Cornwall

Further south, you’ll find Devon and Cornwall. These are great places to visit because, being in the south, they tend to have warmer weather than the Midlands and the north. You will find that they’re full of interesting scenery, and a climate that almost feels tropical in some respects. Go fishing, go cycling, explore the quaint cobbled streets and relax in the stunning countryside. Take the kids to visit farms, enjoy great fresh and locally grown food, and soak up the atmosphere in a place that is just that little bit more chilled out than most cities.

The Peak District

Explore the Dark Peak in the north, or the limestone valleys and the White Peak in the south. This is a dramatic, beautiful region. The national park in the Peak District is a family-friendly attraction with lots to see and do. Even simply driving through the region is an experience, and if you stop off to explore you’ll find lots of outdoor activities, walking routes and educational opportunities.