The Ultimate Guide to an Impressive Best Man Speech

There are some people who feel that the best man speech is their favorite part of the wedding reception. This is due to the fact that this speech is when a guy opens up about how much he cares for his friend and how happy he is for them. This is something that you do not see very often because men are not that open-hearted normally.

If you want to ensure that your best man speech is impressive, you should aim for heartwarming. There are a number of dos and don’ts that you should know about that can help with this. These tips by will help you avoid failures that will make your best man speech impressive for all of the wrong reasons.

General Information about Writing A Speech

To ensure that you have an impressive best man speech, you need to know the basics of speech writing. The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that your audience is going to remember more about the person who is talking and how you talk than what you are actually saying. This means that your speech needs to have 2 purposes. The first is to make a positive impression and the second is to leave people with some memorable thoughts. The rest of your speech will be just for fun.

Be Memorable

Being memorable is generally easier said than done. It will take skill and imagination to be truly memorable, but in most cases, a single sentence will be enough to make the entire speech. You will need to grab the attention of your audience with something which could be a joke or a contrasting statement. Analogies, metaphors, surprises, and axioms will work as long as you place them in the right spot of your speech.

Be Natural

When you are making a speech, you and the speech will be seen as a single unit. This means that if the audience does not buy into you, they will not buy into the speech. You need to humanise yourself during the speech because this will make it easier for the audience to connect with you. You need to share some stores that relate to the central theme of the speech and reference your family to make you more trustworthy. Remember that you are not trying to sell anything and just be yourself.

Writing A Wedding Speech

Understanding the basics is important, but you now have to look at the specifics of writing a wedding speech. This is a special type of speech which only occurs on a special day. This means that there are some unique aspects that you need to consider.

Jokes Are Good But Do Not Make Them Clumsy

Jokes are often used to hook the crowd, but you need to be careful.

“You should avoid any jokes that mean something other than loving the groom and their bride. This is particularly important if you are not sure how the joke will land,” says Dave from Best Mans Best Man.

Do Not Make The Speech About You

While you can tell the story of your acquaintance with the wedding party, you need to keep this short. You need to forget your own biography, the biography of your friends and your combined biography. This speech is not about you and will need to be about your friend and his bride.

Make It Short And Interesting

People do not want to listen to you for 20 minutes at a wedding. A best man speech of 5 minutes will be enough to say everything that you want.

Do Not Forget The Bride

If you know and like your best friend’s partner, you need to include this in the speech. This might be the only chance you have to tell her how great she is and how much you care for her. Of course, if you do not know her that well, you should avoid this and simply talk about how happy she makes your friend. This will be enough and will avoid all hypocrisy.

Know The Topics To Avoid

Your speech should not reference the divorce rate, ex-partners, children or sex. The only time to include children is when the couple wants to have them as soon as possible and everyone knows this.

Do Not Be Rude

You need to mind your manners when you make a speech even if you have had a couple of glasses of champagne. You should forget about swear words in the speech and always be polite.

End On A Positive

The end of your speech should be memorable and happy. Of course, you should not be too sugary sweet about this as that can come across as disingenuous.