Building Maintenance and Decoration: Booking a School’s Summer Holiday Works

Schools across the UK start planning for September well before the Summer holidays arrive. Shocking? Maybe, but redecorating and structural maintenance work that can be undertaken over the course of the long six-week holiday needs to be considered now to ensure that come September, the building is refreshed. By ensuring your school is ahead of proceedings, you can reduce your redecorating costs and the time your building is out of commission.

Benefits of Summer Break

It is much easier to carry out all kinds of maintenance and decoration work when a building is empty and not in use. In addition, the fact that during the summer holidays teachers clear many learning resources from their classrooms, such as wall posters and supplementary equipment, means that workers have better access to all areas. What’s more, when you book early, you have more chance of securing the most skilled contractors.

Step One

Perhaps the most important stage of all is the initial planning stage. You need to identify exactly what work needs to be carried out and how any practical challenges can be overcome. When you view the building when it is full of students and staff engaged in learning activities, it can be hard to notice states of disrepair within the building’s structure. So, make sure you create your inventory of restoration jobs when the school is empty. Furthermore, understand the importance of listening to teacher and pupil feedback about what improvements/changes to their learning environment would be the most beneficial.

Expert Knowledge

If you are overwhelmed when you consider scheduling redecoration work, bring in a professional decorator. Our team doesn’t just complete painting and maintenance work, we also have years of experience in the industry that enables us to offer professional advice too. It’s beneficial for us to be able to watch how space works in operation. From our observations, we can make professional recommendations and help your school to plan a work schedule.

Challenges Presented in the Summer

Many people falsely assume that a school building will be more or less deserted for the entire duration of the summer holidays. However, this is rarely the case, as many schools wish to generate additional revenue by hiring out rooms in their establishment to businesses and the public during the six-week break. Schools that are particularly commercially aware, might have a fully-booked schedule of events from commercial clients happening in their building over the summer. These activities, including daycare schemes, conferences, and meetings, can pose a challenge for contract workers.

Facing the Challenges

Any decorators that are worth their salt will have no problem overcoming these minor challenges. Commercial clients who hire out a school building can’t possibly use every room at once, nor can they occupy the building for 24 hours of the day for six weeks straight. So, with a bit of strategic scheduling and conscientious work, the best decorators can complete a restoration job without causing any disruption to a school’s commercial enterprises. Our teams can even begin discrete work before the academic term ends if necessary.

Not Just a Paint Job

It is highly likely that a school needs not only redecoration work, but also structural maintenance repair work. Any type of work that involves a building’s structure has a high probability of experiencing issues that delay the process. This means it’s important to plan and stagger major structural repairs appropriately and have waste clearance companies like Roup Cycle lined up to¬†clear the rubbish. You don’t know what unforeseen challenges could crop up.

It’s Not Too Late, Right?

Indeed, it’s never too late to book restoration work for your school. Obviously, the further ahead you plan, the quicker and smoother the process, but it’s not a catastrophe if your late to address a building’s need for maintenance. If need be, our team is prepared to work around term time operational hours to carry out the redecoration work your school needs.