Celebrities offer great entertainment to the world in the form of sport, music, TV shows, and movies. But, unfortunately, some people treat them like zoo animals.

Some fans, as well as journalists, expect their stars to be flawless and thus end up highlighting their each and every mistake as if they do not have any privacy or feelings. People spend hours in reading articles about wardrobe malfunctions, love triangles, and stories about how one celebrity betrayed the other.

Rumors on online gossip magazines as well as in articles kind of dehumanize celebrities.

Stars do deserve some limelight and they get some. But, is it that an individual who is good at acting and singing does not have the right to privacy?

Not just magazines! Believe it or not, there are social media accounts that are only and only involved in celebrity trashing. People who are kind and good by nature also get influenced due to this negativity.

Why keep on hammering stars with criticism?

It’s OK if you do not like someone’s music or movies, but what’s the need to spend hours in harassing someone on Twitter and Facebook?

Perhaps, no one knows how much celebrity shaming hurts better than Taylor Swift. She has more than 30,000,000 Twitter followers. Open any of her tweets and read how some of her followers are involved in name-calling. Check the hateful words used in tweets. Think about how terrible she must be feeling after reading such tweets every day.

Celebrities grow up, sleep, work, eat and drink like everyone else. They have their own feelings, fear, and mood. Why is it that some people do not show mercy towards them?

 Magazine publishers should consider the fact that people will buy their magazines with exclusive stories about celebrities even if the content is not scandalous.

Gossip magazines are OK, but journalists should not cross certain limit. There are magazines like Cosmopolitan that have managed to maintain the balance.  Websites like http://celebritynetworth.wiki also deserve some attention for showing stars in a positive light. The website offers interesting details about personal and financial aspects of celebrities without unnecessarily criticizing them.


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