How uninspiring is it too see the racer, though in great form and speed, crash or finish his  Moto ride with his jersey hanging out?  An extremely perfect fit that ensures that the jersey is tucked in and firmly remains in place right up to the finishing line, is a sine-qua-non for the keen competitor. This is possible as the jersey is made, not out of some slippery Teflon or polymer material that slides out of his waist like an affliction at the first curve, but with the most appropriate fabric for the track.  Custom BMX jerseys use high quality polyester fabric with micro mesh fiber. The custom bmx racing jerseys sits light on the user, is highly durable and easy to maintain. Eminently suitable for rough terrains, the fabric is quick drying in nature.

What makes BMX jerseys so unique?

It is breathable, is specially designed with sweat wicking fabrics, which is highly flexible and ensures that sweat is discharged easily. Polyester has a unique anti-shrink featurethat guarantees that each jersey fits to the size required. Its anti-slip strap around the waist ensures anti-piling comfort while on the ride. Each piece is equipped with pockets, both in the front and in the rear. The jersey can be either with a full front zipper or worn as a pull over without any zipper; it can be either half or full /long sleeved, to meet specific custom made requirements. Unconventional and exciting designs in bright colors and sharp lines are rolled out every year making each piece fully worth its money. Custom bmx racing jerseys unique print pattern graphics are designed with non-fading ink, remain bright and interesting despite rough or repeated use.

Each piece breathes its uniqueness

Each with a unique design, most motocross jerseys are custom made to bring out the uniqueness of the rider.  There is absolutely no limit to the creativity and visual variations that are on offer in designing a piece that projects the personality of the motocross rider. Be it the logo or the number that is printed or even the color of the jersey – each of these components is specifically decided with a lot of care and deliberation for each order– to design a piece that seamlessly merges with the driver’s individual personality.  Totally unconventional, the jersey is created with care, ensuring that inputs and choices from the customer are fully incorporatedinto the product at absolutely no extra cost.  A custom BMXjersey then, becomes your specific identification.


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