Egg donors come as a boon to many women

It is regarded that everyone has the ability to have a child but the fact is, this ability which is taken for granted is not possible for many. There are many women who suffer from some or the other medical condition that prevents them from being a natural mother or that does not allow them to have children of their own. An Egg donor program in Los Angeles truly helps.

Women who need egg donors

Every woman may not have normal functioning ovaries. In some, the ovaries may not even be present. Such women are unable to produce their own eggs. There are also cases in which the ovaries may be present but are underdeveloped. Then there is only one way for such women to have children and that is by accepting eggs from another woman. Egg donation today has become a vital need for many. Donation of eggs has helped many women conceive children and give birth.

Cancer survivors or those who have successfully fought any dangerous disease may have damaged ovaries due to the chemotherapy or radiation they have underwent.  They also need donor eggs if they wish to conceive.

There are also those women who wish to become a mother after reaching menopause. A doctor may in this case give medicines to re-start her period and then help her conceive with donor eggs. There are also rare cases in which a person suffers from menopause very early in her life. There are even those who have had menopause since their teen years or who stopped getting periods permanently while they were just in their 20s. No menstruation means the ovaries are not producing eggs. That is when an egg donor would be required.

Even in some healthy women, Egg donor program in Los Angeles may be required. They may be able to produce healthy eggs but they may be suffering from any genetic mess which means if they have biological children, they will also suffer from these genetic imbalances and may suffer from serious diseases.

In some, eggs may be produced but they may not be enough to conceive a child. Egg donation can help in such a case. Endometriosis is another condition that leads to infertility in women. The ovaries become sticky and do not produce eggs and even if they do, they are not good enough for reproduction. In such cases, the only way to go for is egg donation to get a healthy child.

Thus egg donation is of help to several women having problems conceiving and with donor eggs, they can become parents and get one of the best gifts in life.