Get the details about canceling your subscription

Decades, the technology has got the wide range of development along with the magnificent advantages. The Internet is one of the amazing inventions that place the vital place in everyone’s life. This internet option used for the diverse benefits for people and it helps the students for their education. Are you thinking how? Here is the answer for you. Once you have searched over the internet then you could see the different faces of this source. Online learning is the good option for the students to clear their doubts and to get the education guidance from them without facing any interruption. Multiple choices there for you to choose and if you are searching the best source then course hero will be a better option for you because through this place you can afford the best educational guidance for your child and also with the refund course hero you can get back your amount when you are satisfied with their service.

How to get the refund from an online tuition?

There are plenty of sources available for the people to choose but you have to check their terms and conditions of that site that you have chosen for your child’s educational help. Here refund is one the necessary thing that you need to check while choosing the online tuition service. Because you are not satisfied with the tuition service, you can cancel the subscription or if you have not been unlocked the documents or used the tutor credits then you can apply for the refund in that online tuition center. Course hero is one of the online tuition centers that help the students to get the top score or high grade in their academic result. They are providing the refund option for the people. If you want to cancel the subscription, follow the step which is listed below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is, log into your account and then go to the account settings.
  • Then click the stop recurring membership button.
  • And then follow the instructions that are listed on that site to confirm your cancellation.

If you follow this step then the refund course hero will return your amount that you had paid for that site.