E liquids are solutions that fill in electronic cigars, once they vaped they produce smoke. This process led consumers attain good satisfaction while they breathe in such smoke and release them instant. With advancements seen in technologies, sellers started giving consumers options to customize their choices of flavours added to these e liquids. These e liquids are good enough in giving best satisfaction when they are mixed with natural and artificial flavours. With four major ingredients, we can make different varieties of e juices by just changing their proportion of mixing as well as addition of different flavouring agents. These flavouring agents are to be added separately with one of these four ingredients. Such ingredients include Vegetable Glycerine (Glycerine molecule isolated from vegetable sources), Propylene Glycol, Nicotine or any other tobacco substances that serve as key ingredient in electronic cigar and flavours. Out of all these four ingredients VG stands out unique because of its stability and good vaporizing ability.  However, VG is not ideal to mix with flavouring agents and therefore, flavouring substances are added to Propylene Glycol (PG). While comparing outcomes of smoke clouds, VG forms big and thick clouds compared to PG which forms small and thin clouds. When flavours are added to PG, they make small, thin and flavoured clouds. This gives basic knowledge while customizing e liquids to make e juice on your own.

e juice

How to make e juice?

Generally, people prefer proper mixing of VG and PG where VG has gained more attention. Therefore, to get bigger, thicker and smoother clouds, individuals prefer VG in more proportion compared to PG. For instance, most e liquids available online contain VG and PG in 80 and 20 proportion where VG would be 80 ml and PG would be 20ml accordingly. There is huge number of websites available online which can describe or provide tutorials to understand how to make e juice without any hassles or causing any further complications. PG has a drawback of causing allergic reactions which is another reason for keeping it in low concentration compared to VG. All these basic knowledge is required for a person who wishes to make his own e juice to avoid further health complications. Artificial flavours are available in market which can be purchased based on individual’s choice. Once you have mixed this flavour with PG, your e juice holds the flavour and you cannot change it unless you change the whole PG content added with another flavour.

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