In the fast running world, everyone is busy with their works. They have no time to do all the works by themselves. A solution for this will be solved by smartphones. A smartphone places an important role in every once day-to-day life. It contains many advanced features that combine computer operating system for handheld use. The features like calendar, camera, games, and internet are available. The best smartphone is identified by its good feature and battery life. People need smartphones with longer battery life so companies are inventing new brands of smartphones with all features at a low cost.

Smartphones OperatingSystem and its uses

Smartphones are differentiated with their operating system. There are many types of operating system available that are updated frequently. Some operating systems like Android,ios, Windows phone become more famous because of its useful features. Android is an open source platform so it is also a third party development. ios have been adopted by modern platform phone that supports multi-touch. It can be updated by the users to improve their usability. Windows phone is computer software that contains a user interface applications.


Common Characteristics of Smartphones

In many ways, smartphones help you to keep in touch with peoples in other places. First, they provide internet connectivity that allows you to connect with people quickly. For internet connection, you have to get a data plan from the providers that allow you to access 3G and 4G networks. Some smartphones support Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth through that you can send and receive messages. Smartphones also allow video chatting through that you can make a video call with your family and friends. One main characteristic that people expect from smartphones is battery life. People doing much work in smartphones so the battery is more important and people also buy smartphones with good battery capacity.Smartphones have a good feature of multitasking that is the ability to run more than one app at a time.

Tips to Keep Your Smartphones Battery Last Longer   

Keep the habit of charging your battery every night but avoid wireless charging. Try to keep your battery up always and never allow it to reach zero. Display always consumes high battery so keep your display dim by reducing the brightness. You can also use auto brightness option that will adjust the brightness automatically. Enable battery-saving mode this can keep your smartphones with longer battery life. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever it is needed and make it turned off at other time. Applications like Wi-Fi GPS are battery sucks so keep it on only when it is needed. Always check the multitasking option and don’t allow apps running in the background. Prefer your phone to be in general or in the silent mood but don’t put your phone in vibration mood.

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