Javea is a beautiful and is a coastal town of Marina Alta. There is something special about Javea that makes it different from the other places. Therefore many people come over here for their vacations and stay in this beautiful city for some days. And for this kind of stay they usually prefer furnished apartments Javea in which they don’t have to do any hard work. These types of apartments are usually taken by the students, temporary citizens and those people who are living in Javea for earning bread and butter.

There are numerous offers of renting furnished apartments Javea. An occupier usually lives here for a short term and for this they prefer furnished apartments so that they don’t need to buy furniture and others things that are required in a house. When people are finding living at some other place, they usually look for the apartments that contain all the things that are to be used in our day to day life. The apartments in Javea are made and designed in such a way that it creates a home like environment for those who are living away from their homes. Most of them are situated in very good localities where there is easy access to the public transport.

 Mostly studio apartments in Javea are made fully furnished. This is a different kind of concept where all the three important areas of a home for example, bed room; kitchen and living room are rolled into one. These types of apartments are in hype within the bachelors and the students of Javea. They are small, at the same time spacious and contain all the amenities that we need in our daily life. Kitchens and washrooms are totally furnished. In case you want a bigger apartment you can get those apartments which have more than one bedroom. The key here is to inform you about the apartments in Javea which are going to affect your budget.


There are various types of furnished apartments Javea, from which you can, choose from. They are furnished with utensils, sofa, bed, accessories and many more. Few more apartments are there which even provide you with Jacuzzis, sauna, gym and bathtub. You can also get apartments having queen or king size beds. All of them have these basic features.

  • Elevators
  • Stairs
  • 24*7 security ,Laundry Service
  • Intercom Facility
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster and juicer
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave and much more.

You can also add your personal choices in houses which are already furnished. You can make Furnished apartments Javea more interesting by reshuffling the furniture and changing the basic setting of the accessories. It will give you a new look as well as extra space, which you can use for other purposes. You can search for more properties here which you can get in very affordable range.

All the short term rentals provides the above mentioned amenities  but few top class apartments provides you following things which are considered under luxury.

  • Cable TV
  • CD & DVD Players
  • Internet Facility
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hair Dryer
  • Dish washer, and many more.


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