Service and maintenance of the HVAC equipment helps in the protection of investment for a long time and make use of this. This can also prevent the equipment from undergoing costly repairs .The goal of Air Design Spokane HVAC is to provide thermal comfort and air quality. The technicians of the HVAC should look into the following factors like


  • They need to analyse on the age ,condition and also on the system application
  • Regular repairs and replacements need to be done
  • Estimation of the period of replacement for each piece need to be analysed accurately in order to avoid the chance of costly repairs.
  • Monitoring the operational and the maintenance activities should be done and also should be managed accordingly. Necessary reports should be generated accurately.
  • For the outdoor units the refrigerant unit should be inspected and they need to be adjusted if necessary.
  • The inside cabinet should be clean which should be free from dirt and debris. Also the coil and the cabinet of the equipment should be cleaned and checked.
  • The motor and blades of the fan need to be inspected to prevent from the damage.
  • The wiring and connections need to be checked along with inspecting the control box.
  • Tubing and compressor need to be inspected to prevent from damage.
  • All the blower equipments like the housing, wheel and the motor need to be checked and cleaned.
  • The air filters should be made clear and replaced.
  • Leak in the airflow system should be cleaned and replaced after that.
  • While the servicing, the technician need to check if any abnormal voice comes from this equipment.
  • If any unusual odours generate from this the source need to be found out and repaired.
  • Capability on the characteristics of the system and its capability should be checked.
  • Outdoor and indoor dry and wet bulb need to be checked.
  • The rise in the temperature should be adjusted along with the airflow as required.
  • The vent system of the equipment need to be checked for the proper operation of the system
  • The gas furnaces should be checked and verified whether any leakage of the gas occurs.
  • The heating elements should be checked and repaired accordingly.
  • The refrigerant unit level needs to be inspected and adjusted as necessary.

Servicing of the HVAC equipments will help to reduce the repairs of the equipments throughout the whole year. HVAC maintenance and the services to the equipments are the key factors that can keep our home comfortable. Maintaining regularly helps in keeping the equipments in a good condition. This can also save the money on the repairs and also can save the cost of the energy.


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