When it comes to the list of American cities that attract maximum numbers of national and international tourists every month, Miami easily manages to be a part top ten. It’s located in Florida State’s southeastern part. Mostly known for its beaches, the city is also home to offices of media companies, finance companies, art centers, museums, and some wonderful parks that offer a glimpse of almost perfect wildlife. Let’s take a look at details about tourist attractions that you must visit while in Miami.

Visit Miami Beach to enjoy water sports and sea beach

If you are looking for a destination where your family can enjoy beach life as well as eat world cuisine at seaside restaurants, Miami Beach can prove to be a perfect destination for you. If you and your family members love water sports, you can hire an expert as well as all the necessary equipment from water sports clubs located on Miami Beach. Technically, Miami Beach is a different Municipality and series of bridges connect it with Miami City.  Miami Beach area is also famous because of Art Deco area that is home to pastel buildings, world class restaurants, cafes and night clubs.


If you are interested in exploring more of Miami’s coastline, you can also opt for yacht cruises and visit exotic locations. You would easily find Miami boat rental service providers who offer services at affordable rates.

Visit Bayfront Park to spend some time in greenery

After spending a wonderful time at sea beach, if you wish to spend some peaceful time surrounded by Mother Nature’s greenery, you should consider visiting Bayfront Park. The area is home to some of the city’s popular attractions like the Challenger Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Torch of Friendship, etc. Its electronically controlled Pepper Fountain attraction will help you forget your stress and will force you to spend more time at this park located in North Biscayne Blvd.

Zoo Miami can be perfect destination if you have young kids

If you wish to take a closer look at how wild animals behave when they are out of the cage, you should definitely visit Zoo Miami. It is home to more than 2,000 wild animals and the zoo offers Safari like look at their life. Your kids would not only enjoy a closer look at wildlife, but they would also be able to enjoy camel rides.

Besides endangered species of wild animals, the zoo is also home to orchids, trees, and tropical plants.

Remember, these are just three attractions out of hundreds of them from Miami. So, make sure that you plan your holidays at least for one week to make sure that you can enjoy at least two days at every location.

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