A medical procedure where alteration or restoring any party of body is done is called as the Plastic Surgery. There are many types of plastic surgeries but cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries are well known. Cosmetic surgery is done to improve appearance or to reduce aging.



Rhinoplasty surgery is a form of plastic Surgery for contouring one’s nose. It is done to enhance the facial features; especially the nose. It is always important to find the right surgeon who offers the best consultation and advice where the surgeon expertly contours the nose and leaves no dents or incision marks on your face.

The healing period is very important after the surgery is done. There are certain post-surgical issues which might take place.

An individual can encounter short-term headaches or nausea in case a local anesthetic was applied at the time of surgery. The bandage that is draped around by the doctor should be in place until the doctor recommends removing. This dressing can be replaced by elastic covering which will aid in the reduction of swelling. Within the initial days, the doctor might use small tubes to dispose the excess blood and fluid. The first dressing is very crucial and has to be taken care of.

The period of recovery can be a little painful or uncomfortable. A doctor can reduce the pain by prescribing some painkiller like acetaminophen. The swelling can occur from 24 to 48 hours after the process. There can also be some bruising on the face. However, this is very normal that will last for about a week or two. There can also be some facial imbalance or inflation which is expected to disappear after two weeks. Cold compression is a good way to reduce bruising and swelling.

One should completely avoid smoking during the healing period as tobacco will stand as a barrier by retarding the regeneration of new cells. This could end up in one getting red scars. Also, one must stop consuming alcohol as that decelerates the healing process. Going out in the sun should be completely avoided as that can increase swelling and make the whole surgery a waste by causing skin discoloration.

Such patients can expect a nice nose contour within 3 weeks. One might feel the skin to be dry and a little scratchy and even rugged at places. This can be taken care of by applying a doctor recommended skin moisturizer. The incision scars can take about more than 6 months to recover.

One should avoid any massage on the face in the very first week. The patient should also avoid doing anything that involves a lot of strain like exercise for more than a month if required. This should be followed so that the tissues and muscles does not get strained that can result in bleeding and thereby infection.


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