Heart is the symbol of love. Heart shaped rings are the more popular for love proposal and engagements.  For many centuries it is believed that heart is a symbol of romance and life. Diamond rings have been in the tradition of marriage for many years.  Beauty of the diamond cannot be easily explained in words. It is one of the most attractive gemstone. Women in this century prefer heart shaped diamond engagement rings for their engagements.  These are the sign of promise that the couples remain loyal and affectionate to each other.

What is diamond?download-31

              Diamond is the clear, colorless and extremely hardest allotrope of carbon that naturally available on the earth. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon which crystallized under the soil because of the excess of heat and pressure for millions of years. The quality of diamond is determined by the amount of carbon present in it. It is one of the precious stones. Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia and Canada are the largest diamond producing country.   Diamonds are available in the period of kings and emperors. India is the first country which recognized and mined the diamonds.

Things to be checked:

                Before buying the diamond, one should be aware of the color, cut, clarity and carat.  These four characters are also called as 4C’s. A perfect diamond should appear flawless from the inside and the outside. Belgium is the famous country for diamond cut.  It is a brilliant, mesmerizing gemstone that everyone wishes to buy.

   Diamond cut:

              Cut is what determines the beauty of the diamond. More rounded edges in the diamond are not considered as the quality cut. Also aware of the point is cracked or broken.  Cushion cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, heart shape, pear shape are the famous types of cut used for diamond.

Choose the correct metal:

       We have to choose the metal in which we want our diamond rings or jewels are made of. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the metals we used for diamond.  Among these, platinum is the most popular choice of the people. Design is what we concentrate more.  There are many shops available in the market that gives heart shaped rings in variety of design.   

              Engagement rings are available in plenty of designs and stones.   Heart shaped rings are the most romantic choice indeed. Choose the best shop to buy diamond.  Insurance policies are also available for diamond. Before buying diamonds, ask the experts.  The imperfections in the diamond can be hide, if it was cut by an expert.  Now a day, there are many online markets available which sells the diamond and other precious jewellery.  Read the reviews before buying them from online markets.  Make a formal complaint if the diamond found fake or any problem arose.

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