Prevagen is a nutritional supplement that helps in improving memory related problems which are caused by ageing or other reasons. Developed with over 15 years of rigorous research and study and is claimed to augment proteins which are often lost because of ageing and thus it improves brain health and memory. It is made from Aequorin is a protein which was discovered to be found in Aequorea Victoria also known as crystal jellyfish. Osamu Shimomura discovered that these jellyfishes emit green light when aequorin proteins combine with calcium. From then on Apoaequorin is synthesized from aequorin and is said to improve brain functionality and help in sharper memory by aiding with proteins which the body loses with old age.

An average human loses about 30,000 brain cells every day and this number shows really significant deterioration in activities involving brain like concentration, focus, and memory after the age of 40. Since after attaining this age the body is unable to produce certain vital proteins which are very significant for brain’s health and maintaining a good memory. The apoaequorin which is derived from the jellyfish is the key ingredient of Prevagen and it helps the body in generating and supporting protein cells generation which further helps in better memory.


Prevagen is a dietary supplement which helps protein composition in the body. After a certain age, the body stops productions of certain enzymes and proteins which affect many systems including memory loss and poor mental health. According to many prevagen reviews, it was found that this isn’t a prescription medicine and cannot diagnose or cure illness and instead it is just a supplement that helps in boosting better mental health. One capsule o prevagen is said to be enough to improve certain protein synthesizing functions of your body and boost your memory in a time span of 30 – 90 days.

There many positive prevagen reviews by hundreds of users who claim to have better memory and concentration. It has helped many of its users to gain their focus and concentration back. This helps even in equipping them with the ability to multi-task or does their chores efficiently. The main ingredient of prevagen is regarded safe food ingredient hence this supplement is safe to consume by people of all age and without any restrictions. It does not cause any kind of side-effects hence it is the best option for people in their old age who want to improve their lifestyle with a better memory and a better concentration along with improved focus.

Something as useful as apoaequorin is really very good for your memory and improving your work efficiency, give it a try and you can order right now to get it delivered at your doorstep.


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